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What is a fruent shop?

Do you know if this product can be modified easily?

It’s quite easy to modify actually. What are you trying to do with it?

a shop that can give expert advice

I surfed the web and I read some online reviews about this great camera. Do you have it in stock?

Yes, we have it in stock. Could I ask a bit more about what you really need? The camera body on that model is really cheap but lens choices are poor

a shop that genuinely cares

I am thinking about buying this toy for my nephew for his birthday.

It’s a great gift and this season’s hottest toy. If you wait a moment, I’ll be happy to gift-wrap it for you?

a shop where shopping is more than a shopping cart

Visit shops that genuinely care and offer expert advice

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fruent Shopper's stories

“When I was a kid, we always used to play on the sidewalk in front of Mr. Freddy’s bakery. My parents knew it was safe for us to play there because Mr. Freddy always kept an eye out for us. On hot days, he’d keep a pitcher of lemonade out for us. It’s been almost 30 years since I played in front of Mr. Freddy’s shop, but I still remember those days and Mr. Freddy with great fondness.”
“I love hunting for independent shops that sell locally made home decor, wood craft, or antique jewellery. To really have to get into those little alleys to find them. Once in a while, you’ll be lucky to find something that will be lifelong companion.”
“I went out for our first coffee with my then boyfriend, now husband, at our neighbourhood coffee shop. The crowds melt in, the noises dim, and the city slows down when I am here. The shop is run by the owner who is always in, and he takes his time to make the perfect Cappuccino, and I am glad I have a corner in this city I can call my own.”